After a first day at the Pastoruri Glacier to get the rhythm of traveling again and acclimatize to the altitude, I went to visit the Laguna 69.

The lagoons in Latin America each more beautiful than the next, and the Lagoon 69 keeps the tradition! The photos are beautiful, and the program to reach it is quite challenging.


The lagoon is located in Huascaran National Park, a hundred kilometers from Huaraz, 3 hours by bus.

Despite its evocative name, Laguna 69 was named after the earthquake that occurred in 1970. Many cities were destroyed, and there was an inventory of the existing lagoons, and this was the 69th to be listed.


The departure took place around 5.30am, with a breakfast break in a restaurant not far from the lagoon (40min).

As when visiting the Pastoruri Glacier, we stopped at the only restaurant in the area that has great margins for his breakfasts. It takes 10 to 12 soles for a minimalist breakfast (€ 2.50 – € 3); and 3 soles for a “simple” mate of coca. Suffice to say that for travelers with a limited budget, it’s worth waking up early or preparing breakfast and lunch the night before!

But during this trip we didn’t return to the restaurant for lunch, better think about bringing lunch. Nevertheless; we have been consoled while going back home by a tasting of craft beers in a stand not far on the way back.


When we arrived at the base of the lagoon, a walk of nearly 7 km and 2h30 climb awaited us. We started at 3,900 m, to reach 4.604 m above sea level, thus it had nothing to do with a Sunday walk!


10% average to climb is not bad at all! Better to be prepared and used to the altitude, the lack of oxygen is terrible on the way up! Fortunately the landscapes were beautiful, a few cows and a river accompanied us on a part of the road.


The visitors encouraged each other, some had to give up because of fatigue or altitude sickness, others congratulated themselves for reaching the end.

When you think you’re almost there but in fact you still have an hour of climb !!

But once arrived there, we forgot the fatigue, and we appreciated the beauty of the lagoon hidden between the mountains and enjoyed a well deserved lunch.


Unfortunately, the sky was a little cloudy and we missed a bit of sun so that the lagoon spreads its entire splendor. But still, it was very beautiful to see and the hyper peaceful environment was super nice.


We can see a plenty of lagoons, we never get tired of them!

But like for the laguna de los tres while climbing the Fitz Roy in El Chalten (Argentina), the charm of the laguna 69 lies in its beauty but also in the challenge of hiking to get there. The kind of hikes that fills you with beauty and pain; with a feeling of fully enjoying life. Looking forward to the next one!

Pura Vida!


About tips

  • 1 € = 4 soles
  • All agencies offer this tour for 30 soles. The price includes only transportation. You have to pay 30 extra soles for the entrance to Huascaran Park.
  • The climate is very changing depending on whether one is sheltered by the mountain or on flat ground, and the sun beats down very hard; don’t forget to take clothes for all weather conditions and protect yourself from the sun.
  • Both the climb and the descent are demanding and involve the knees, think sticks!

Here is the course of my day

  • 5am: Pick up from the hotel
  • 5:30: Departure of the bus
  • 8h – 8:30:  Breakfast break
  • 9:30 am: Arrival at the base and start of the climb
  • 12:00 – 13:00: 1h on the spot to appreciate the lagoon
  • 16:00: Departure of the bus for the way of the return
  • 16:30 – 16h50: Tasting of craft beers

18:00 : Back to Huaraz

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